Finding Peace and Health

Therapeutic Acupuncture

on April 11, 2014

Yesterday I had my first therapeutic acupuncture treatment. It was not what I expected. If you have images of a person lying calmly, while having about a hundred tiny needles gently applied, scratch it. Replace it with sharp intakes of breath, a face grimaced with pain and, repeated, ow ow ow ow ow’s, as about 15-20 tiny needles are inserted and placed up against nerves. You will quickly find out which nerves are the aggravated ones. When the needles are in place you are asked, in a calm soothing voice, to relax and that falling asleep would be even better. Mmm hmm, no problem drifting right off to sleep, while needles are against nerves that will scream at you if you twitch. Yes, I know about the twitching from experience. I had started drifting off when my restless leg decided it was a good time to tighten up those leg muscles. I didn’t scream, even though searing pain shot up my leg, but I did draw in air so fast I made myself dizzy-or maybe that was from the pain. I was surprised the pain did lessen the longer the needles were in, about 25 minutes. After the needles are removed there is a quick massage with Bio-Freeze and you are done.

I did feel better than when I went in, even with some of the needle sites were stinging I could feel my muscles trying to relax. In the beginning of treatment with therapeutic acupuncture, as with physical therapy, the treatments are close together then taper down. On my way out I made my next appointments. It might be painful when the needles go in, but the feeling after is worth it.


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