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Acupuncture Follow Up

I love acupuncture! If you read my previous post on acupuncture, you know it was a great help but it was also painful (with a capital P). My second and third visits were a whole different experience. Very few of the locations hurt after the needles were placed. Acupuncture does drain away your pain! If you can get through that first visit with enough courage to go a second time, you will be amazed at the lessening of pain at the insertion sites. I still had pain in the areas I hurt the most, where I carry my pain.

I noticed relief after the first visit, and after each consecutive visit. My recommendation is to try it! It’s worth it to try and you may be amazed at the results. Best health and happiness to all of ya!

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Therapeutic Acupuncture

Yesterday I had my first therapeutic acupuncture treatment. It was not what I expected. If you have images of a person lying calmly, while having about a hundred tiny needles gently applied, scratch it. Replace it with sharp intakes of breath, a face grimaced with pain and, repeated, ow ow ow ow ow’s, as about 15-20 tiny needles are inserted and placed up against nerves. You will quickly find out which nerves are the aggravated ones. When the needles are in place you are asked, in a calm soothing voice, to relax and that falling asleep would be even better. Mmm hmm, no problem drifting right off to sleep, while needles are against nerves that will scream at you if you twitch. Yes, I know about the twitching from experience. I had started drifting off when my restless leg decided it was a good time to tighten up those leg muscles. I didn’t scream, even though searing pain shot up my leg, but I did draw in air so fast I made myself dizzy-or maybe that was from the pain. I was surprised the pain did lessen the longer the needles were in, about 25 minutes. After the needles are removed there is a quick massage with Bio-Freeze and you are done.

I did feel better than when I went in, even with some of the needle sites were stinging I could feel my muscles trying to relax. In the beginning of treatment with therapeutic acupuncture, as with physical therapy, the treatments are close together then taper down. On my way out I made my next appointments. It might be painful when the needles go in, but the feeling after is worth it.

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I love food!

Food is fabulous! It can bring you an abundance of peace and health if you eat what is good for your body. Otherwise it can destroy your peace, and your health. Pay attention to how your body feels when you eat.

I have learned some of my favorite foods are not good for my body. Dairy and eggs used to be some of my favorite foods. Frittatas and quiche were two favorite ways to use left over veggies, and I love veggies! Over the last few years I’ve noticed when I eat eggs my tummy feels sick. When I feel sick in my tummy, like I need to hurl, my peace vanishes. Eggs are not good for me.

I grew up drinking a lot of milk. Eighty percent of what I drank was milk and the other twenty percent was lemonade, Kool Aid, or water. Chunk cheese was served daily, cheese cake was a favorite, and cheesy tacos, casseroles, and pastas were staples. About seven years ago I discovered Brie. Oh my. Baked and melted Brie with fruits and crusty French bread is a meal to dream about. Now I cannot eat or drink dairy without choking and *ick* gagging. I avoid dairy

There are other foods I should avoid, but I think you get my point. Some foods do not agree with your body. Everyone is different, for example my husband says he feels bad if he doesn’t drink milk. If you listen to your body when you eat, you will find out which foods do not serve you peace and health. You should not feel bloated, heavy, tired, etc.

I haven’t talked about the foods that feed the other areas of your life, that will be another post.

Good and healthy eating! Whole non-GMO foods for whole body nourishment. We can only do the best we can with the resources available, don’t feel guilty when you can’t afford the organic fruits and veg. You’re doing the best you can.

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Shut it down!

Have you heard the saying, “bad things happen in three’s”? Last week was like that for me, so on Friday I needed to regain my sanity. So I thought, hmm… What will shut out the craziness of last week at least for a day or two? My answer was Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Coconut Butter, and Hell’s Kitchen.

It worked! Good food and getting absorbed into watching Gordon Ramsey yell at a bunch of cooks helped me unwind. With contestants having nightmare days in the kitchen I could forget about my problems. One of the best things about Hulu Plus is having whole seasons of an irate Ramsey.

I felt much better the next day after vegging out all evening. Yes, I know how lucky I am to have the evening to veg out. I am grateful my current schedule allows me to have the time, and I am going to miss this time when my schedule changes.

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Guest post: Infrared photography in Yellowstone National Park

I enjoy looking at these photos, they carry me to another place like a good book does.

The Fujifilm Blog

By Simon Weir


I started 2014 leading a workshop in Yellowstone National Park for Chris Weston‘s safari company “Magic Is” – I am now working regularly with them as a group leader and instructor.

Yellowstone in winter turned out to be an IR photographers paradise and my IR modified X-E1 with the 14mm did great service as the images below show. This camera blows me away every time I use it and there was a great deal of interest from the 12 photographers in the group – so much so that I ended up doing a full presentation on Infrared photography one evening while we were there.  My X-Pro1 and the XF55-200 also did good service as shown in the two bison shots at the bottom of this post.

Also pleased to report that both Fuji cameras worked faultlessly down to temperatures as low as -30C –…

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Favorite Quotes

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.”
—Albert Einstein

What brings you happiness?

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